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Welcome to the Henry Threadgill Media Page. If you are interested in listening to Threadgill's music, please visit appropriate channels - Spotify, itunes etc. If you are interested in purchasing his albums, please visit the "Contact" page on this website for further instructions.

Enjoy the videos below...

Zooid at Library of Congress 2015

Larry Appelbaum interviews Henry Threadgill - Library of Congress 2014

Playing it UNsafe - Composer journeys

Roulette TV. Henry Threadgill // Zooid

Henry Threadgill and his Very Very Circus. "Too much Sugar for a Dime" 1993

Hamburg, Jazz Festival in der Fabrik 1988

Interview with Henry Threadgill at Pomigliano Jazz Festival 2005

"Surprise. No compromise". Interview by NewMusicBox at the American Music Center

A Place for Jazz - a film about the 1369 Jazz Club

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